Meet Rob Belt:

In our first episode of Survivor Stories we're joined by Rob Belt. Rob is a teacher from Lincoln, UK who suffered a stroke in 2017 & had open heart surgery.

Meet Donna Garrow

In Episode 2 we're joined by Donna Garrow. Donna is a 29 year stroke survivor, ex ICU nurse, and Mother of EnableUs co-founder Michael Garrow. Hear her story, tips, and what a perfect stroke rehab process would look like if she was given a magic wand.

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Survivor Stories

Take Control: Share Your Lived Experience

Meet Larry Masterson

In Episode 4 we meet Larry Masterson who had cold sysmtoms and a referral from his GP save his life. Larry spent 30+ years working in the healthcare industry, and a social farm in Donegal before having his stroke. Larry is the founder of Different Strokes for Different Folks, a Donegal based stroke support group.

Meet Jamie Coyle

In Episode 3 we meet Jamie Coyle who at 12 years old suffered a stroke while on the ice playing hockey. Jamie later went on to write a book about her stroke called the Luckiest Girl in the World- Her Story as a Pediatric Stroke Survivor.

Find Jamie's book on Amazon: The Luckiest Girl in The World

Learn more about Jamie and her great stroke advocacy work on her Stroke Survivors Never Quit Instagram Page

Everyone is on a different journey, but each survivor shares a common goal; 

Take Control of Life After Stroke. 


In these brief conversations we ask each guest to share their stroke story, and tips on how they are managing to take control life after stroke.

We hope these stories will share positive light and enable you with motivation to keep moving forward!