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We've been busy helping to support life after stroke by building virtual programs, and connecting stroke survivor communities in response to the recent pandemic's challenges.  We've joined and presented in front of stroke groups at Tufts Medical Center-SAYA Program, UConn Health, Stroke Buddies Facebook Support Group, led discussions at the Rehab Tech Summit on Health Coaching in Stroke Recovery, and been invited guests on virtual events and podcasts.  We also rallied to deploy a virtual behavior change program at EnableUs at the height of the pandemic when stroke survivors needed community the most. 

Check out the instant replay of our Next Step Forward Program, or watch a recent replay of several of our featured events.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Rehab Tech Summit

Brains with Brian

Featured Events

Last week David was a guest with Brain Harris of MedRhythms on his show Brains with Brian. They discussed what stroke recovery plans require to get enough reps to drive motor recovery with neuroplasticity.

Tackling Digital Transformation in Rehab.  Watch Our Roundtable Discussion with Key Leaders in health coaching and stroke therapy deploying virtual care for community building.

Meet Larry Masterson

Co-Founder Mike Garrow interviews stroke survivor Larry Masterson from Donegal Ireland in Epidose 4 of survivor stories.  Watch more interviews on our Survivor Stories page.

Podcast Videos

Our Know Stroke Podcast is also streamed on YouTube, so sit back and watch and learn!

We'll be guests on the "No Plateau" Podcast hosted by our friends at Saebo recording coming in August.