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At age 39 I had a stroke without any known risk factors, except for a “silent” heart defect that you might want to know about…
David Dansereau, Stroke Survivor (founder of
David Dansereau

David Dansereau (


About David Dansereau / Blog

I am a health professional with a private physical therapy practice in Attleboro, MA. I made my first post to this blog at the end of 2006. At the time of this first post, I was experiencing delays in medical care and uncertainty about my stroke/PFO diagnosis and proposed treatment. My first post and the creation of this blog was a way of outlining my medical history and trying to perhaps vent/keep my sanity during a difficult time in my life. My goal in building upon this blog later became to launch an awareness campaign to help better understand the causes of crypotogenic stroke and the connection between PFO/the heart and brain. My own experiences and uncertain medical course inspired me to take action.  See this article about my story in the New York Times.
Quick Background: Every stroke survivor has a story.  I’m no exception.  Mine involves a hole in my heart, surgery, a marathon, an awareness about a nation’s need to better understand stroke (on so many levels) and a remarkable and entirely unexpected solution to restoring my strength and balance that I discovered during my stroke recovery.
smartmovesstrokerehabguideRecent Updates:  Where to begin?  When the new site launches it will all come together:)

I need your help improving this resource

I hope to continue to develop this site into an expanded resource for better understanding on stroke awareness and recovery and to make available more tools for stroke education and rehabilitation.

Know-Stroke Goals for 2014

I  will focus on community and corporate campaigns that expand the reach for stroke education and target primary prevention by early recognition of the stroke warning signs.  My mission withBrightMindsandWMU101Parternship my Bright Minds Kids Campaign  and my Smart Moves Stroke Recovery Resource will be my main goals in 2014.  My goal is to launch these programs and secure strategic partnerships (like we have done with Weight Management University) to grow nationally as a recognized toolkit of resources for stroke awareness , education and recovery.

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