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ATTENTION Stroke Survivors: Do You Have a Recovery Plan ?

Having hope is a good thing, but hope is NOT a PLAN!  Join me on our next webinar where I'll help you create a SMART plan for your home stroke recovery.

How to Restore Balance and Set SMART Goals after a Stroke

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About the Webinar +

Bridging the knowledge gap for stroke is not an easy endeavor.  I know this fact first hand after having survived a stroke at age 39 and learning how coaches and  physicians missed my early stroke warning signs simply due to my younger age at the time my stroke symptoms occurred.  Join me on this webinar where I'll share my story, tell you about my stroke awareness goals and provide you with some shortcuts to ignite your own stroke recovery.

My Nutrition Guide Bonus +

You’ll receive some of my great nutrition resources and tips for goals setting when you register.  If you share news of the event I’ll even give you my “What to Eat” Guide to help you get started with clean foods to optimize your  recovery.  This is a sample of the more in depth nutrition research I share in my Amazon Best Selling Book in Preventive Medicine, Body in Balance.

What's My Story? +

Every stroke survivor has a story.  My story involves a hole in my heart, a marathon, and overcoming many obstacles to eventually return to private practice as a physical therapist after my stroke.  Along the way, I’ve discovered that bridging the knowledge gap for stroke awareness and obtaining resources for stroke rehabilitation is not an easy endeavor.  My journey included trying to set effective and creative rehab goals after my stroke at age 39, all the while balancing real life as a husband and  father of three young children (ages 3-6 at the time of my stroke). On my webinar I’ll present  a unique look at stroke recovery from the point of view of a patient and how it forever changed my perspective as a therapist.  I share how my experiences have helped me realize the importance of having a great “stroke team” along the way.  Finally, I’ll share how these experiences have impacted my return to practice as a physical therapist and public health advocate for stroke awareness, recovery  and prevention.  Please join me.  I’ll be giving away some great bonuses for attending and sharing news of this event too!

Are You Different? +

People see you differently after you've had a stroke.  Perhaps that's because you may be different.  I best describe those years following my stroke as being in a 'grey' area.  Things didn't really come in to focus for me until recently and it has now been almost 7 years since my stroke. Join Me on my next webinar and I'll share my story and my program that helped me get things back into focus!

Therapeutic Exercise +

I discovered a great way to help you get clear on your goals and help you restore balance,focus and energy to take on your own stroke recovery at home.  I'll also show you some of my Smart Moves you can use to get started!

On my next webinar we'll focus on nutrition and exercise as part of restoring balance after a stroke.  I'll share the resources I used and have available to help you succeed!

STEP 1: Know What to Eat

Nutrition is vital to optimal healing, especially when a stroke has damaged part of your brain. During my stroke recovery I researched quite a bit about diet, the brain and heart connection.  I also looked at what the best science revealed about managing your blood to reduce the risk of a repeat event (stroke), and proper nutrition for healing and reducing inflammation.  Luckily I had a good foundation prior to my stroke before taking on this advanced study, as my undergrad degree was in nutrition and exercise physiology.  I went on to practice for 17 years as a consulting Registered Dietitian (RD) before returning to graduate school in PT (Physical Therapy).  I am offering you a similar crash course in nutrition and movement therapy (without having to take out loans) to get you up to speed on proper diet and nutrition principles to follow after a stroke and for optimal weight management.

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Confused About Nutrition?

No Worries! Most of us are, as we have never really learned how to eat while in school and that is a shame.  Learn more about how your body actually works in my online nutrition course Weight Management University.

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Learn the 3M's to Smart Moves. We'll Teach You How to: Measure, Manage and Move !

"Nothing Happens Until Something Moves"-Albert Einstein

This is true in physics as well as in rehabilitation.  In other words the laws of rehabilitation are similar to the laws of physics.  Just as it takes more energy to move a stationary object than a moving object, it takes a lot more time to create a successful rehab plan that's new, than one with a track record and a training plan to follow.

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STEP 2: Learn how to Move-Smart Moves Therapeutic Exercise Series

Smart Moves: Getting Started Video Guide

Join us on our next webinar and we'll show you just how easy it is to get started! Production CreditsSpecial Thanks to Ed Mendenhall, Video Producer and Chief Technical Consultant with SmartMoves TV and Cellar Dwellar Studios.  Also special thanks to Emily Fournier, physical therapy aide and PT graduate school candidate,  for providing the  film talent and  for her continued role as Education Assistant on our Bright Minds Kids Stroke Education Campaign.

"Most Stroke Recovery Efforts fail because they need MORE Motivation and LESS Fear of Failure.  Hope is also a Good Thing, but HOPE IS NOT A PLAN."- DP Dansereau,MSPT /


Why Smart Moves?

You can be Smart at Your Own Recovery.  Try my Roadmap as a Guide and write in your own shortcuts if you like.  After all, if you don't like my recipe you simply can go back to your old diet and exercise plan at any time. You do have a plan,right?  That's my point.  I think we have a plan here you'll like!  Please get on our next webinar and decide for yourself.

Do I Need Equipment?

Yes (and No!).  We will show you the best way to get started with what you already have and to make or purchase some basic tools as you move along.  Mainly, your body is your equipment but we'll help you tune it up and get the best accessories you may need to make it run better!

What if I have Reached a "Plateau"?

Try for a moment to throw out your old ideas or what you've been told or read.  Especially, "After 6 months of rehab and you have reached your potential".  STOP! Thinking that way.  START! Reprogramming your mind and open the possibilities!!

What Does it Cost?

The webinars are free and the best way to decide if this is right for you is to register for our next event!

Getting Started involves 3 Easy Steps...

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My Book, Body in Balance is an Amazon Best Seller in Preventive Medicine!

I get asked often, "Is Body in Balance About your Stroke"?

The short answer to this question is "No" but the actual answer is somewhere in between because much of what is in my book came from my own research and experimentation of how to set goals to best restore balance to my body through proper nutrition and therapeutic exercise.  My research can be used by anyone needing to get clear on their goals and follow a game plan to take action getting started on the right path.

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