How to Restore Balance and Set Smart Goals after a Stroke

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Webinar Host David Dansereau,MSPT

About Stroke Survivor David Dansereau

Every stroke survivor has a story. My story involves a hole in my heart, a marathon, and overcoming many obstacles to eventually return to private practice as a physical therapist. Along the way, I discovered that bridging the knowledge gap for stroke awareness and obtaining resources for stroke rehabilitation is not an easy endeavor. My journey included trying to set effective and creative rehab goals after my stroke at age 39, all the while balancing real life as a husband and father of three young children (ages 3-6 at the time of my stroke). My presentation takes a unique look at stroke recovery from my experiences as a patient and how it later changed my perspectives as a physical therapist. I also share how my stroke has helped me realize the importance of having a great "stroke team" along the way. Finally, I'll reveal how this new knowledge has impacted my return to private practice as a PT and public health advocate for stroke awareness, recovery and prevention.

What You'll learn on this Webinar:

  • Practical examples on why most rehab goals fail and how to overcome this barrier. How to Measure Your Progress and Build Your Personalized Program to reach Your Goals
  • Learn how to identify both low tech and high tech gadgets and use them to target your weaknesses and build a functional rehab plan.
  • How to Boost Your Nutrition IQ and Balance Your Energy-The Key to Optimizing Your Recovery. Nutrition is probably the most neglected component of recovery yet it is vital to optimal healing, especially when a stroke has damaged part of your brain.
  • Learn why I now advocate for early kids stroke education and awareness and how I started a public campaign called Bright Minds Kids to make a difference. 


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  5. Get on my VIP Advanced Preview Book List and Get an early copy of my new guidebook for only .99 available on Amazon in November.

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